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All raised funds through this effort will go directly towards aiding the Ukrainian people.

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The mother of the boys who made these postcards wrote the following letter:

Good day! We are from Ukraine!

These special cards are made by my twin boys who have cerebral palsy. Artem and David Boyko.

All elements are handmade. And everything is done with great love. We create them to distract from war, to escape fear.

The children scream terribly when they hear the siren, and my heart can’t stand it.

Honestly speaking I and my children have no chance to escape if our houses are bombed, because the children are refusing to go down to the basement.

We live today and do not know what will happen to us tomorrow.

These postcards were made in the war. I really want those who love Ukraine to have them.

And even if I and my children are not on this earth, our leaflets will definitely remain.

Glory to Ukraine!

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